We aimed to bring the precision and convenience of a utility knife to one of the oldest tools in the box. The result: the Accutrax Pencil Blade. Designed and engineered with the woodworker, handyman and hobbyist in mind, it’s the ultimate finish carpenter’s pencil for professionals and amateurs alike.

A hybrid of utility and precision, the Accutrax Pencil Blade is a graphite blade with carbon fiber reinforcement that can transform any standard utility knife into the most precise carpenter’s pencil you’ve ever used. It produces a .025” line every time for supreme accuracy on all your woodworking projects. Best of all, it never needs sharpening.

Each 3-pack of the .025" Accutrax Pencil Blades, including the protective plastic clamshell storage case and the "soft-touch" outer paper package are 100% made in the USA. The innovative storage case keeps your Pencil Blades protected when they aren’t in your utility knife. Store them in your tool pouch, tool box or a utility drawer and they will remain intact, sharp, and ready go whenever precise cuts or markings are required. Your days of losing pencils are in the past.

There are more great things in the pipeline.